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    The INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BRICKLAYERS AND ALLIED CRAFTWORKERS are training their Apprentices while making building improvements to your LOCAL!!




    On Sunday May 15th Amcor Members ratified a new 3 year agreement by a 4-1 margin!!

    "The road to this agreement was far from easy." said Lead Negotiator Timothy L. Custer. Amcor recently purchased this location, along with that came growth and long hours of work. The first contract proposal was rejected by the Membership.

    The Bargaining Committee stayed diligent to meet the Members needs. Tim Custer, Ben Assell and Rick Whitcomb from Local 673 along with Stewards Jimmy Trejo, Jim Drallmeier and Russ Morgan kept at the bargaining table.

    The new agreement includes many improvements.

    Highest wage increase ever presented varying from 8-15%!!

    New vision plan

    Journey Person and increased shift premiums

    Trainer bonus

    Improved vacation eligibility

    Increased safety boot allowance

    Improved training, tool process

    Revamped Grievance procedure

    New quarterly Labor/Management meetings

    Together the Teamster Bargaining Team and the Company were able to reach a deal that will greatly improve plant working conditions and Member morale.



    On Sunday May 15th The Suburban Drywall Members from Local 673 had an overwhelming 100% ratification vote for a new 3-year agreement!!

    "This contract was ratified on the first contract vote.", said Timothy L. Custer, Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 673. Due to the well above normal increases in Health&Welfare and Pension, Wages, Vacation and Holiday pay that the Membership was presented. The previous two contracts took several negotiation dates and often went over contract expiration. This year's contract was negotiated and ratified weeks before expiration! 

    Shop Steward Robert Ribnek said, "The past two contracts for the Drywall Division were definitely a fight! It was nice to see that the companies came to the bargaining table already knowing that 673 does not settle for a bad deal. Overall, the Members and myself were shocked at what the outcome was! Truly a prime example of what the Teamsters do!"

    Our Members in the Drywall Industry are some of the hardest working people we know. Congratulations to them on their new 3-year deal!



    LEWIS MEDINA, Local 673 Member and employee of Geneva Construction of Aurora, IL is being hailed a hero after pulling an Aurora man (72) from car stuck on railroad tracks before Sugar Grove crash!! WATCH STORY BELOW!!

     Local 673's Executive Board and Staff are proud of Brother Medina for stepping in and risking his own life to save anothers!! 


    Beginning on October 4th, the office of Teamsters Local 673 will be open from 8:00am to 4:30pm M-F.

    If you need an exception please call the hall.

    A 24 hour drop box is also located outside entryway for your convenience.


     Local 673 has requested from companies what precautions they are taking for the safety of our Members in accordance with the guidelines from OSHA & the CDC and what safety items they are supplying to our Members that are required to work during this current situation. Local 673 Members safety is the highest priority during this pandemic, please use all precautions while working to remain safe and healthy. As this situation continues to change we will keep you informed. 


    A big THANK YOU to our "Essential Worker" Brothers and Sisters!! To see them in action click HERE

    For a statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic from your International Union click HERE 








    Locals 179 and 673 win wage theft lawsuit filed in 2015 against FIRST STUDENT!!

    400 members will be receiving checks!




    In the matter of:

    Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. , Juno Lighting, LLC.


    Teamsters Local 673 General Teamsters, Chauffers, Sales, Drivers & Helpers, I.B.T.


    Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board, Workers United, S.E.I.U.

     An arbitration was held on September 4th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. At hand was who would represent the workers at the MWDC Plant that was to relocate from Hanover Park to DesPlaines, Illinois.

     With the closing of the facility in Hanover Park, all of 673's current members were to relocate to the DesPlaines facility. With an addition of approximately 60 new employees by February 2019 to operate the new MWDC facility.

     On October 10th, 2018 Teamsters Local 673 was awarded to preform the distribution and warehouse work which will be performed at the employers DesPlaines, Illinois facility! 

     Local 673's Executive Board and Agents are dedicated to growing your Local and would like to welcome the new Members coming in from the previous Union.


    No court decision can stop Teamster public employees’ commitment to country and community. In the wake of last week's Janus decision, we will remain unified to protect the progress we have achieved for our members and their families!
    #WeRise #UnionStrong

    The Suburban Teamster Pension Fund that Local 673 belongs to has improved greatly, but unfortunatly for other Locals across the country this is not the case. The Butch Lewis Act had been introduced to help protect Pension Plans. Lets do our part to help our fellow Teamsters by calling your Congressman and Senators and asking them to Co-Sponsor this bill!! For more details, click the picture below.

    With anti-worker lawmakers in DC pushing national right-to-work (for less) legislation, the stakes are higher than ever for the labor movement and working families. We need all Teamsters and working people to join the fight against the renewed assault on collective bargaining and workers’ rights that is taking place on a national scale. Tell your members of Congress right now that they must oppose H.R. 785 and any other attacks on our rights!

    Click banner below to send your Representative a form letter OPPOSING National Right to Work legislation!

    Teamsters Increase Strike Benefits!!

    By unanimous vote from the Delegates to the 29th International Convention

    Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall today announced that strike benefit increases approved by delegates to the 29th International Convention became effective on July 1, 2016. Under the new constitutional provisions, which were unanimously approved by delegates on June 30, 2016, the changes raise strike benefits, increase minimum benefits and allow for benefits to begin earlier than in the past.

    “Our strike fund has more than doubled in the last five years,” Hoffa said. “We want to ensure that our members are getting the benefits that they deserve when forced out on strike.”

    Teamster members will receive benefits that are based on five times their hourly dues rate, a 25 percent increase from four times the dues rate. The minimum out of work benefits will rise to $150 per week, an increase from $100.  And, benefits will be paid at the end of the 8th day, previously paid at the end of the 11th day.

    “We have built our strike fund to more than $153 million,” Hall said. “We have the resources to take on any employer, anywhere, at any time.”

    The improvements, with the exception of the hourly increase, also apply to newly organized members who have voted for the Teamsters and designated the Union as their bargaining agent, but do not yet have a contract.

Teamsters Local 673
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